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Our new Express Pass lets you check in to your local ExpressCare center before you even step foot in the door. Now you can mark your place in the queue virtually from your phone, tablet or computer, keeping you out of the waiting room and saving you time and stress.


We understand that your time is important, and want to give you medical care that is fast, reliable and convenient to you. With Express Pass, our patients can utilize our concierge-level service to control when and where they receive care.

Need to see a doctor? Simply log in to our website or the Express Pass mobile app and choose your location. With Express Pass, you can see up-to-date wait times at all nearby clinics and select the one most convenient for you. Once you’ve checked in online, Express Pass will send you a confirmation text or email, and when you arrive you can check in to the center electronically at one of our iPad kiosks.


Unexpected wait increase at your selected center? Express Pass will contact you right away, and offer you the chance to transfer your check-in to another nearby center with a shorter wait time.

Make a Reservation

Want to come in during your lunch break or after school? Express Pass also lets you make reservations up to 24 hours in advance, helping you receive the care you need, on your schedule.

Why wait in line? Reserve your time and download our Express Pass app today!

ExpressPASS | Why Wait In Line, Reserve Your Time. Reserve Your Spot Now




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Perscriptions, X-Rays, Labs
Prescriptions & Labs
Dr. Reading X-Rays

Get your prescription filled before you leave the office. ExpressCare also offers on site X-Rays and Labs.

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