ExpressCare - Patient Testimonials

“My visit was very pleasant, very professional and I feel I got the care I needed.”
- Harold, Elkton

“The doctor and his staff were excellent, very quick. I was treated with kindness and respect and all the proper protocols were followed. I was treated with concern and caring without judgment. I would give them an excellent rating.”
- Melissa, Bel Air

“I look for cleanliness and professionalism and both these are the first things stood out to me at ExpressCare. I won’t be going back to the other place. I’ll be coming to ExpressCare.”
- Jennifer, Salisbury

“ExpressCare provides fantastic service. They listen to the patient and the concerns of the patient. And they meet the expectations of the patient without assuming or judging.”
- Leedra, Wilkens

“It was exceptionally clean. They have expedient service. We were seen very quickly. I was pleased with the service overall and the professionalism of the doctor. I also like the convenience of getting my prescription filled there.”
- Clara, Bowie

“It was fast and easy. I would choose to go there again. It really was a great experience!”
- Lisa, Eldersburg

“We wanted to thank the staff working 4th of July for helping our son when he needed a staple in his head. We arrived at closing time and the staff jumped to help us. We appreciate your help and care for our son on a holiday.”
- Brett, Eldersburg

“Great experience! The doctor, X-ray tech and staff were very professional. It was actually better than I expected it to be. And no wait! ”
- Mike, Festival at Bel Air

“It was quick, we were in and out. Very good service, better than Patient First!”
- Synika, Wilkens

“The service is really fast. I’m always satisfied when I bring my children there.”
- Anana, Parkville

“Everyone was very well mannered. They got us in and out in a reasonable time. They were respectful. We were very pleased with the service.”
- Kevin, Elkton

“Everyone was very nice and very welcoming.”
- Matthew, Folsom

“It was great. We were seen quickly. It was great to be able to register online. Very good service. And you follow up the next day! That’s great!”
- Cynthia, Eldersburg

“This was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with urgent care! Thank you for easing my pain!”
- Andrea, Folsom

“Fantastic visit! Well done! Chase said, ‘superb care.’ Thank you.”
- Chase’s Mom, Padonia

“The doctor was amazing and had such a great personality. Her aide was great. When taking me for X-rays, she was great with helping me. They got me out fast, but didn’t skip steps to do so.”
- Lisa, Elkton

“They were fast, efficient and kind. I felt better once I saw them! And the doctor was knowledgeable and explained everything to me. Overall, a great experience!”
- CM, Wilkens

“The doctor was the best and so was the staff. You guys rock! Thank you for your help.”
- Kelly, Bear

“Clean, nice people, comfortable, fast. It is how everything should be. Thank you!”
- Bev, Dundalk

“No waiting, in and out. Very nice, very friendly, very helpful.”
- Joseph, Padonia

“Everyone was helpful, very clear as to what was going to take place. I love ExpressCare. I bring my whole family.”
- Milagro, Bowie

“Your team of workers are super nice, especially the receptionist. Very kind and very helpful.”
- Anonymous, Padonia

“I am always pleased whenever I need to come, whether it is for myself or my children.”
- Robin, Essex

“First time visit to the facility — pretty impressed. I think you got it right!”
- Maria, Bowie

“Thank you. I was scared but you all made me feel better.”
- Kim, Bowie

“The doctor I saw was knowledgeable and knew what questions to ask — took the time to listen.”
- Sarah, Bel Air

“All staff made a positive impression. Excellent service.”
- Anonymous, Padonia

“I would rather go to ExpressCare before I go to my primary care doctor. They are fast, reliable, their knowledge is awesome!”
- Heather, Dundalk

“They have lots of nice people here that explain everything and they are pretty fast. And they always call to see how we are.”
- Kaylee, Dundalk

“I bring all five of my children here. The staff is nice and my children feel safe and welcome.”
- Zachary’s Mom, Dundalk

“Triage was very pleasant and they remembered my son from the last visit and greeted him.”
- Danielle, Festival at Bel Air

“This is the second time I used your facility. The doctor was the reason I came again. He is everything a doctor should be; pleasant, knowledgeable, patient in explaining things. Best of all, the first results of his care turned out beautifully. I have recommended your facility to all my friends.”
- P.W., Ridley

“The doctor was the best and most professional doctor I have seen in a very long time. Very good bedside manner. Thank you for your service today. The nursing staff was awesome and professional as well.”
- Crystal, Dundalk

“Employees were patient and kind. Provided good follow-up advice in quiet voices that were comforting.”
- Anonymous, Padonia

“The Physician Assistant was very professional but also kept the mood light while stitching. I would give an A+ for all aspects of the visit.”
- L.A.M., Padonia

“Whenever I come here to ExpressCare, it is awesome how my illness/pain is addressed and taken care of 100 percent.”
- Mary, Dundalk

“Everything was great. The staff and doctor were attentive, patient and caring. This is a great place to be when you are sick.”
- Monica, Owings Mills

“It is nice to go to a place where customer service is still important.”
- J.H., Padonia

“Every time I come here the staff is friendly, very professional. They treat you like they have known you your whole life. I love this clinic and hope I don’t have to come much. No one likes to be sick, but if I get sick my choice would be ExpressCare Urgent Care. I love it here. Everyone is the best!”
- Debbie, Eden Hill

“We were truly satisfied. In and out quick along with very friendly people. Will definitely come back to this location the next time my children or I get sick. Thank you very much.”
- Mr. F., Essex

“As a group home, we often bring our students here and always receive excellent service. We return often with other residents because of the high quality of care offered. Thank you for continued professionalism.”
- K.S., Murphy School, Eden Hill

“I have gone to another facility in Bowie and this is by far a better choice. I feel like I’m at my actual doctor’s office. The facility is very clean, the service is expeditious and the doctors have been great.”
- Anonymous, Bowie

“I appreciate that you have an X-ray machine here to do the test instead of me running around to get it done.”
- Amelia, Eldersburg

“Very pleasant and skilled treating my 20-month-old.”
- Anonymous, Westminster

“Front desk was very helpful. Quick registration. No wait in the waiting room and was seen within minutes once in the back room waiting for the physician. Very courteous, attentive and caring.”
- G.P., Essex

“I bring my family here and it’s always been positive. I will keep coming back.”
- Donna, Elkton

“Quick and effective. I like that prescriptions are filled on the premises.”
- Jill, Padonia

“Very thorough, courteous care from start to finish. Highly recommended.”
- Paula, Westminster

“This place is absolutely the best urgent care facility by far. The staff is awesome!”
- Anonymous, Dundalk

“Doctor was very knowledgeable, staff very friendly. Very satisfied with the visit today.”
- Mike, Padonia

“Prompt service and a friendly competent staff!”
- P.G., Padonia


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